Top ways how to manage curly hairs for men

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Top ways how to manage curly hairs for men

Top ways how to manage curly hairs for men

How to manage curly hairs. I know curly hairs are one of the biggest problem for teens,men and every male. But I’m sure after reading this article you will find easier to manage your curls. Curly hairs can give you a lot of volume but they are not satisfying.

Before top 5 ways here are some tips how you can manage curls. The most easiest and best ways to manage curly hairs is by keeping the side short and let the curls grow and let it  be your focus point. And don’t be fell sad because of your curls there are a lot of hairstyles that you can pull and look sexier then your straight hair dude.

You just want to control your fizz and follow some rules and then you’re good to go.

Now here are top ways on how to manage curly hairs

1. Get a proper haircut

Doesn’t matter if you have straight hairs, wavy hairs or curly hairs getting a proper haircut is always the first thing.

And when you’re in the salon the best thing you can do is to tell the barber that what is the what is the length that you want to pull. Because curly hair is dependent on strength of the curl and how much volume you want.
Now if you have super curly hairs then keep your hair length at 3 inches.

But if you have some waves in it then keep it from 5-6 inches. And curly hairs should be trimmed or cut when they are dry.

2. Never use product with high alcohol content.

They are very bad if you want to look sexy. Because they dehydrate your hairs and make it crispy which is in my opinion is not sexy.

3. Curly hairs are more drier then the straight ones.

So on my recommendation wash your hairs only twice a week I know it sound crazy but this is the solution. But if your curls are too greasy buy an shampoo which is specialize for oily hairs. And should also buy an moisturising conditioner which helps you to beat the frizz.

I hope this is helpfull thanks for reading.


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