top 5 best virat kohli hairstyle of all time

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top 5 best virat kohli hairstyle of all time

Virat kohli hairstyle. As we all know virat kohli is one of the most talented and hardworking athlete right now. he is also known as run machine for his massive batting records. he is the captian of team India in all the three cricketing  platforms. he have millions of followers in social media.

Apart from cricket he is very famous for one more aspect that is his style. he is very charming and good looking no doubt about that. But one thing that takes  his style to a new level is his hairstyles. virat kohli pulled many hairstyles but today i will talk about his best 5 hairsyles.

so top 5 best virat kohli hairstyle are

 1. Spiky hairstyle

Ussaly spikes are kid thing right now. But if you have hair length around 3-4 inches then you can make it sexier. Like virat kohli is doing here he uses his face shape and hairstyle in a perfect manner.

2. High fade with line

In this one virat kohli creates an fashion statement. he combines high fade with line in such a cool way that it looks too classy for this photoshoot.

3. Messy pompadour

So its just an selfie in which virat’s looking too damn sexy. In this one virat makes little bit of pompadour or its just air I don’t know but its looking very decent.

4. Side part

Side part is one of the best hairstyles if you want that sexy classy look.Whether you want a classic or modern look side part haircuts are a flattering virat kohli here.

5. Side spike Cut

In this picture please don’t look at Anushka Sharma. Make your focus on virat kohli hairstyle. In this one virat makes a very good variation of spikes with side swept crew cut. And it is a very simple hairstyle that anyone with wavy or straight hairs can pull off.




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