The Spanish superstar Sergio Ramos haircut

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The Spanish superstar Sergio Ramos haircut

Sergio Ramos haircut

Sergio Ramos haircut is one of the best haircuts in modern days. It is also one of the most popular haircut out there. As he threatens other strikers with his great defending skills. Sergio Ramos’s haircuts are also very lethal to other style icons.

As a fashion icon famous for his short and long hair, each new hairstyle the footballer gets instantly becomes a trend.

He is never afraid to take the risk that makes him king of hairstyles. He can pull off almost all type of hair lengths that why people are crazy about.

As a tribute to soccer fans globally let’s take a look at best Sergio Ramos haircut over the years.

Side square

This hairstyle is done by leaving a large volume of hairs at the head and keeping the side short. This is kind of a mohawk. But different. The side square is a highly maintained haircut you have to visit your barber shop every 2-3 weeks to keep it clean. Because of Ramos face shape, this haircut looks sexy on him make sure you have the perfect face shape to rock this hairstyle.

The sidecut



This haircut is kind of similar to the previous haircut the only difference between them is. This is square. And it has a little bit more hair length and messy look.





The long hairs



At the let’s look at some more variations of Sergio Ramos haircut




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