The sexy and very talented -Justin Timberlake haircut

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The sexy and very talented -Justin Timberlake haircut

Justin Timberlake haircut

Justin Timberlake is a widely popular Hollywood celebrity with very sexy hairs. He begins his career The Micky mouse house club where he met Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

After that, he joins a boy band named NSYNC which became one of the best-selling boy band of all time. In the time between The Micky mouse house club and NSYNC, one thing that remains the same was his curls eventually now the straights that. but back then those curls look really sexy on him.

We saw many variations in Justin Timberlake haircut over the years. Whether it be a pompadour, comb-over, curls or even buzz cut. Justin has got covered all these hairstyles.

So let’s see all the Justin Timberlake’s haircuts over the years.

Short fade with a beard

This hairstyle works great with many face shapes. the hairs on top and beard balanced each other. And it gives a neat and clean look. It looks great while you’re in the formal event and even in everyday life.

Messy hairs

This is his latest haircut which is well on trend. In this haircut Justin just let his hairs to move in their own direction. Which looks really sexy

The side part





This is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles. And Justin pulls this off incredibly well. In this haircut, he got the medium length and some good hair products.


Just like the side-part, this hairstyle is really famous men’s hairstyle but the only downside of this hairstyle is that it takes a lot of time to style. But if have that you will look better then  90 per cent of the world population.

Low fade + sweep back

This is where Justin’s class came into play. He styles this hairstyle like he is the most classy human in the planet.

Curly hairs



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