The new Harry Styles short haircut

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The new Harry Styles short haircut

Harry Styles short haircut

The charming boy from one direction always surprise us with his new styles and for the solo career, he decided to cut his hair.

He decided to grow 8-10 inches and then give it to the charity which he did. So this is very kind of him

Like Zayn and Liam harry is also very stylish As he gets into the fame his hairstyles got really sexy. Whether it be short hairs, long hairs, curly hairs long curly hairs. Harry seems to pull off every type of haircut.

And of course, the new Harry Styles short haircut is really awesome If you have followed Harry’s career since the beginning of One Direction, you’ll surely know that his hair texture is naturally curly.

Even though it tends to flow into wavy locks when his hair is longer, the curls are definitely visible with shorter looks

Now at first look at Harry Styles hairstyles over the years.

















Now it’s time for Harry Styles short haircut








In his younger age, he also used to rock piece hairstyles like this

These type of hairstyles makes him more attractive to girls. It can make you also if you dress them properly.

So this was the evolution of Harry styles hairstyles. I hope you like it thanks for reading..


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