Pathankot sensation Ranjit sagar dam (best place to visit) .

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Pathankot sensation Ranjit sagar dam (best place to visit) .

Ranjit sagar dam

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 Sensation of pathankot The Ranjit Sagar Dam. Once government of Punjab constructed an project named as hydroelectric project . on the Ravi River on the Border of two states of India which are Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab. in which 40% of the lake is in punjab  60% of part is in J&K.

The project is situated near Pathankot city in Pathankot district of the state of Punjab and Kathua city and Basholi tehsil of Kathua district in J&K. This project is also the  the largest project  of the state of Punjab.  Shah pur Kandi is the site where this township is located.

This project is used for many useful purposes like irrigation purposes and power generation. It also has a 600 megawatt capacity. This  dam is also named  as  highest earth-fill dams in India.

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Finally on 12 May 2017 govt of J&K has raised this issue in the Northern Zonal Council Meeting held in Chandigarh on this Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI has decided to construct barrage to allow both states to enjoy equal rights over the dam. Barrages will help J&K in irrigation in Samba and Kathua districts in Jammu division of J&K.

Punjab govt has also agreed to share electricity produced through the project. But the previous claims of J&K remained unsettled. In 2017 Govt of J&K has claims worth 8000 crores for the loss against govt of Punjab, on which the Punjab govt has never shown any interest to square them off. It is located upstream of the Madhopur Barrage at Madhopur.



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