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Global football star Neymar haircut variation


Neymar Haircut

Neymar haircut. Neymar is a Brazilian global football star. With his crazy skills, every defender has a threat in their mind while defending against him. Apart from his insane skills.

He is very stylish and the best style came from his hairstyles. Neymar haircut variation is so cool that everyone wants to style their hairs like him.

Neymar Jr.’s hairstyles have garnered the young Brazilian the title of men’s fashion icon. From Neymar’s Mohawk to his high fade and undercut.

Here are the best Neymar haircuts from over the years.

The bleached blonde


In this haircut, Neymar styles the faux bleached Mohawk, which he really likes and he pairs it with long bangs and pulls over his forehead.

Combed Forward Long Bangs

As you might have already noticed if you are a fan, Neymar loves his fringe. He does everything he can to highlight it and cover his forehead. Here he is doing just that, with a very simple, yet effective haircut.

Comb over fade

Even though he is all about playing sports and being comfortable, the soccer player can also kick it up a notch and take the elegant road. This hairstyle has trimmed, but not shaved sides, and a wavy top.

Platinum blonde

In addition to changing hair texture, Neymar mixes it up with hair colour too. This wavy short haircut is bleached blonde all over.


Textured Spiky Hair with High Skin Fade on the sides

This hairstyle looks pretty good on Neymar as he textured spiky hairs with high skin fade on the sides and it’s suited well with his facial structure.

Now let’s check out some more Neymar haircut variations.


Blonde Bangs 


High fade with  a messy top



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