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Best cristiano ronaldo haircut-best hairstyles


Cristiano ronaldo haircut

Cristano ronaldo haircut is one of the most popular thing apart from his amazing football career. As a world class footballer, his soccer skills may have always been top notch. But ronaldo haircut, style and fashion sense have certainly developed over the years.

From his early frosty spiked hair to his faux hawk with a hard part, each of Ronaldo’s new haircuts becomes an instant men’s hair trend.

As he is the most followed person in Instagram by beating poop queen Selena Gomez. Apart from his football skills ronaldo haircut is also very important to reach this milestone.

Now if ronaldo can’t make you great in football by just saw him. But he can make you more sexy,trendy and dapper from his looks. To celebrate the superstar’s contribution to men’s fashion, we’ve highlighted the best of Cristiano ronaldo hairstyles.

Hard Part Comb Over

Undercut + Part + Faux Hawk


CR7 Hairstyle

Textured Comb Over + Disconnected Undercut

Cristiano Ronaldo New Haircut

Undercut + Spiky Parted Hair + Highlights + Sideburns

Textured Comb Over Undercut

As you can see most of cristiano ronaldo haircuts are comb over or undercuts.

Now to achieve undercuts your hairs length should be around 3-4 inches from the top and very short from the sides zero number will also works great.





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