Ariana’s new video god is a women goes little bit deeper

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Ariana’s new video god is a women goes little bit deeper

Ariana Grande’s new video meaning is deeper than you think

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God is a woman Typically, all the questions about a song’s meaning get answered by the release of the music video.

The brand new clip comes with lots of unbelievable things like symbolism, unusual imagery, and unapologetic sexuality.  All of them combines to say about female empowerment.

god is a women  video was released by Ariana at Friday noon. After just 12 hours Grande dropped the track.

Revealed via his Instagram stories that God is a woman was his favourite track

Grande’s upcoming album, Sweetener, due out Aug. 17. “GIAW at midnight,” he told his fans on Thursday, adding.

“this is one of my favourite songs on the album it’s bonkers!!!” And “bonkers”. Does indeed seem to be the word for it, because the creativity in this video is off the charts.

As you might guess from the track’s title, the underlying theme throughout the god is a women  video is the strength of womanhood, which Grande highlights in the video’s first moments.

In one of the image in the trailer, she is sitting on the top of the globe. trailing her fingers through weather patterns . and what she is doing is appeared to be c hurricanes wherever she dips her fingers below the surface.

In another, she brandishes what looks like an oversized gavel — a symbol of judgement — beneath two disembodied legs, high-heeled and spread wide, with rays of light emanating from their centre.

(Which also happens to be the Bible verse that Samuel L. Jackson’s character Jules Wingfield spouted in Pulp Fiction) As the reigning Queen of Pop intoned.


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