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2 times sexiest man alive – Brad Pitt haircut

Brad Pitt haircut

Brad Pitt is one of the biggest style icon. His haircuts have always been an inspiration to men’s hairstyles for years.

Brad Pitt haircut


For his movies, Brad Pitt have done almost every type of haircut like his undercut in Fury to long hair in Troy to his bleach blonde spiked hair in Fight Club, it be short, long or very short. Brad has done it all.

One of the reasons he is very sexy because Brad has the best jawline I have ever seen. And because of his triangle face shape, every hairstyle looks very sexy on him plus. He have super straight textured hair which makes him even more sexy.

Check out all Brad Pitt haircut over the years

Long hairs







Brad have long textured straight hairs which gave him confidence to grow his hairs. And he really looks very good in them. Brad Pitt have also rocked ponytail which little bit looks like an man bun but different hairs are knocked below in this hairstyle.

Short hairs























Now this is where classy brad came into play he got soo many hairstyles that you can’t even count. This is what makes him a style icon. These hairstyles are from epic blockbusters like fight club, Fury etc. And these haircuts are also one of the reasons why they are blockbusters.

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